September is the new January...

Fall has sprung and it's time to keep the momentum you have built up over the summer rolling.  Read Len's latest blog for tips on how to get back into your fitness routine to stay-injury-free and avoid setbacks.

Check out what's happening at our Whyte Ave studio & in-and-around the Breathe Fitness Community here in YEG, on-and-off Saskatchewan Drive, and in Mill Creek Ravine Park (our personal private playground) - and online, of course!

When starting a new exercise program, speed bumps & obstacles abound. Learn how to find your way through at a reasonable, safe, and maintainable pace.



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I found an easy-to-use app to invite friends and friends-to-be to support each other through fitness and lifestyle challenges.

Join me onMakeMe with Challenge Code: 42865. Get the app at

For 4 weeks I challenge yo to run, climb, walk, or crawl up 2,000+ stairs, 3 times per week. Message on the MakeMe challenge page for the #teamYEG #stairchallenge if you want to join me when I hit the stairs in Mill Creek Ravine or on Saskatchewan Drive, or we'll meet up at your favorite #yegstairs.

Start with 100 and build over time. Why? Why not?

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Conditioning for Runners with Nicole Lark

Mondays from 8:00 to 9:00 pm - CLASS FULL

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How will agility training improve my speed?

Which exercises help proper knee tracking?

Why is everybody foam-rolling?  How can it benefit runners?

What can I do to strengthen my hips without making them too tight?


All sessions held at Breathe Fitness on Whyte

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Sport Conditioning with Len Panchuk

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Getting in shape for the upcoming season for your team sport?

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Laying the groundwork for an upcoming obstacle course race like the Spartan race, Mud Hero, Mud Run, or Tough Mudder?

Your next marathon, triathlon, trail-running, or group adventure race?

Or merely looking to push your fitness to new heights?

All sessions held at Breathe Fitness on Whyte       

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