Athena B. - Professional, Adventure Racer, Mom of 2 Bringing in the kids to the Breathe studio helps this busy family make their twice weekly workouts a reality. A weekend session as a couple, and then mom with a friend and dad as a group of 4 on a week night, allows for just the right balance of weekly strength and agility work.

Child-Friendly Times

One Fish, Two Fish, Baby Fish, too!!!

No Babysitter Required

Bringing my son along to my workout means No More Excuses... booking a time when the studio is kid-ready is definitely a bonus.”
— Jennifer (and Reid) R.

Having a bit on fun after his mom finished her session. Very long-lived toy that has been around for dozens of little exercisers accompanying their parents to Breathe Fitness on Whyte.

...piano lessons, work, school, holidays, the dentist... 

Where do you find the time in your busy home schedule to fit in your workout? the kids to sports, grocery shopping.... family life, in general...

Breathe Fitness on Whyte in YEG

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