Partner Training

Employing the Balance Board to develop dynamic proprioceptive lower-body control while being distracted with passing a light Medicine Ball.

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Train with a friend, co-worker, teammate, spouse or an existing client for additional inspiration

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Partner Personal Training at Breathe Fitness on Whyte in YEG
My wife and I love our weekly infusion of motivation at Breathe...Nicole and Len have a real knack in modifying exercises so we are both challenged at our differing skill levels.”
— Joseph B.

In respect to the coaching each person receives from the trainer, partner training using a circuit-training approach is not significantly different than a one-to-one Personal Training session.

Even with differing strength, skill, and intensity levels, using your own bodyweight and the proper exercise variations for your current fitness level will allow each participant to work at their full potential.

Breathe Fitness on Whyte in YEG

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