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Incorporating regular physical activity into your healthy lifestyle will pay huge dividends in your quality of life and ability to move well, and pain-free, later on down the road.

Do you want to stay limber for everyday living as you age, and/or move powerfully for your sport or athletic endeavours? In that case, fine-tuning your exercise technique, avoiding premature muscular fatigue, and continually challenging your limitations should all be on your fitness radar, which means that building a basic physical literacy is the first step.  

Becoming fluent in basic body movement patterns, which transcend all sport is truly a journey, and progressing through the stages, but only when you are ready both physically and mentally, is an integral part of the process.  

At Breathe Fitness on Whyte, we believe that...

... EVERY ONE is an athlete...

... that EVERY BODY needs to be taught to move properly and efficiently...

... and that you should ONLY PROGRESS to a new challenge..

... AFTER MASTERING a particular skill or movement pattern.”




1. If you can meet with us in person at our Whyte Avenue studio, please start with a FREE 30-minute consultation to discuss your fitness goals.

2. Take advantage of our promotional offer of 3 Personal Training sessions for only $149 and let us show YOU how to reach YOUR fitness goals.

3. Sign-up for our FREE On-Line Home Workout to use your own bodyweight to get in an entire-body workout with a time commitment of only 15-20 minutes, 2 or 3 days a week. Follow video tutorials for each exercise & learn proper technique.

4. After you 'graduate' from our FREE On-Line Home Workoutsign-up for our Monthly On-Line Workouts and receive a new entire-body workout every 3 weeks. Having every workout archived, and always readily-available with the click of a button, will ensure there is always enough variety to keep you both physically- and mentally-engaged.

5. Come in with a friend to share the cost while still receiving the personal attention you need to get fit and hone your exercise technique. Try out a few sessions to get to know our trainers with our 3 Partner/Couples Training sessions for only $198

6. Book in for a regular weekly session to stay accountable and keep motivated. Most 1-to-1 clients pre-purchase 10, hour-long sessions at a cost of $735+GST and book-in for sessions anywhere from once up to 3 times per week.  The cost for 10 partnered (2-to-1) sessions is $47 per person per hour-long session. Buy more sessions in advance; pay less per session, et vice versa. We accept VISA and MasterCard, but prefer Debit, e-transfer, and cheque.

A seasoned coach can provide a global perspective of where an athlete is at on their journey and a comprehensive plan to safely move the athlete on toward their goals, and dominance in their sport.  Only with perfect practice of proper movement will physical mastery become a reality

Make the most of the time & effort you put into your training 

Developing proper exercise technique is of prime importance when looking to improve your fitness level.  To reach your strength and cardiovascular conditioning goals you have to first determine your starting point in order to make a roadmap to get you where you want to be.

Perfecting your technique is an incremental process with improvements in muscular coordination (proprioception), muscular strength and endurance, balance and neuromuscular facilitation at varying rates over the weeks, months, and years.  

Fine-tuning the major movement patterns such as your push-up technique or squat mechanics before trying to lift as much weight as possible is another integral piece of the puzzle.  Your Breathe training coach will work with you to pinpoint any weak links in the muscle groups involved in a particular movement or skill. 

What do our trainers strive to achieve with all of our clientele?

Here is a snapshot of what our trainers feel is of the greatest importance when training a client. It has everything to do with the ability of the teacher and student to work together synergistically. That is, using multiple teaching modalities, and 'thinking on their feet, while using their accrued experience' our trainers provide a learning experience that is as much a journey alongside their client as it is a tutorial being delivered to their student.  

Using the basic push-up as an example, one of the major areas in need of improvement isn't always the strength of your chest muscles, per se, but the 'weak link in the kinetic chain' lies in ability of your upper back muscles to stabilize your shoulder blades. 'Winging out' of the scapulae results when the lateral edge of your shoulder blade(s) moves off and away from your ribcage during the pressing phase of the push-up motion. The degree/severity of this mechanical 'error' is anywhere from hardly discernible, with little affect on movement, to completely obvious, and able to cause distinctive disturbances in proper functioning. 

This winging also doesn't always occur concurrently on both sides of the body.  It is very likely that only one shoulder blade will move improperly due to the failure of one or more muscles to enact movement, the muscles opposing these being too tight to allow proper tracking, or a combination of the two as seen when muscles compensate for one another due to injury or misalignment. 

During scapular retraction there are muscles that 'pull' the medial (inside) edge of your scapulae toward the spine (rhomboids), that 'tilt' them in the proper directions while sliding along the ribcage, and the serratus anterior muscles (finger-like muscles beneath your armpits) both stabilize your scapulae as they move toward your spine AND are the muscles responsible for the opposite motion which allows your scapulae to slide around toward the front of your body along the ribcage when you perform a movement likened to hugging a barrel. 

Think of the 2-directions your shoulder blades move along your ribcage as they retract and 'pinch' your shirt between your shoulder blades, or creating a tube over your spine as the shoulder blades come together.  When this complex array of muscles act in concert to properly move your shoulder blades along your ribcage, the optimal angles are created to allow the major muscle groups of your arms to generate both pulling (latissimus) and pressing (pectorals) power will be able to reach its full potential.

What does this mean for our clients?

Many of the people who are unable to perform technically sound push-ups fail to do so not because they are too weak, but instead because the shoulder stabilization necessary to fully engage their chest muscles must be learned - and can be taught. 

Reach fatigue while providing your best effort - and fully succeed...

... lose energy and power through inefficiencies in your technique - and never truly succeed completely”.

Our trainers/coaches will use their expertise, practical teaching skills, and the tools of the trade to teach you how to exercise safely and efficiently. You will learn how-to engage your muscles at the proper time - to the proper degree - and in the proper sequence to move powerfully and smoothly.

Intent: Challenge the plant leg by holding a hip bridge and moving other leg through various different ranges-of-motion in order to change the strain on the plant hip/medial and glute maximus/ hamstring and low back musculature important for posture and pelvic girdle stabilization.


Hitting the gym on a regular basis, participating in scheduled group classes, joining an adult sports league, or meeting a friend for a swim or to go cross-country skiing, are all activities that benefit us in ways beyond the purely physical.  The regularity that joining a class or following a weekly plan brings will keep you on-track.  Switching-up or cycling through different types of exercise will keep things fresh and interesting.  A typical week could include: swimming on Mondays; biking, hiking, or snowshoeing on another day - depending on the season; and getting your resistance/strength training in twice a week by attending a teacher-led class, seeing a personal trainer, or following an on-line fitness program that can be performed at home with the exercise equipment you already own.


Leading an active lifestyle also directly impacts your mental & emotional health by improving your: 

quality of life - a general sense of happiness and satisfaction with our lives and environment;

mental well-being: the endorphins released from exercising, simply-put, make us feel great; 

getting into the 'zone' - attaining and maintaining a fitness level that allows you to participate in the physical endeavours you enjoy at your desired pace and level of exertion; 

avoiding setbacks such as: injuries, fatigue, fear of falling, not being able to complete a race or event, or the trekking tour for which you have been training over the past several months; 

keeping up with your hobbies - staying active and performing weight-bearing exercises that are tailored to your current fitness level and any joint or mobility-related problems you may have been troubled with in the past; 

avoiding injury by correcting imbalances: 'fixing' a chronically sore back or knee problem with strength-training and a proper stretching or foam-rolling routine will get you off the sidelines and back in the game.

A certified fitness professional can help you understand the differences between using sit-down machines and functional training tools, and assist you in choosing the best alternative for you.  Not being sure where to start, which exercises are right for your skill and fitness levels, and even how to set-up an apparatus or chose a weight or resistance that will provide just the right challenge are all common questions for new and experienced exercisers alike.

Working out at home? Do you already have some fitness equipment or are looking to purchase some new, portable, relatively inexpensive training tools? A personal trainer or group exercise leader can also show you how to properly use whatever piece of equipment you have at your disposal. From the old standards like dumbbells, tubing or tension bands; to new-to-the-scene fitness implements such as suspension straps, weighted-sandbags with handles, heavy cloth-covered balls, the ViPR, and the blue-domed BoSu (Both Sides Up) ball. 

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