Pre- & Post-Natal Fitness

What about the baby?!?

Get in-depth fitness advice and constant guidance before and during your pregnancy & beyond.

Knowledge of the physiological changes expected at each stage of your pregnancy will allow your fitness program to incorporate both safe and sensible exercise selection and modifications.

Breathe Trainer Nicole has been-there, done-that and will work with you BEFORE, DURING, & AFTER your pregnancy to achieve your fitness goals.

Stay fit & get back to your regular routine ASA(Reasonably)P after delivery.

While getting ready to have my first baby, Nicole and I worked together with a focus on staying as active as possible while keeping my baby safe.”
— Amie B.

I trained through an entire pregnancy with Len and Nicole, and always felt like I was getting a great workout with the necessary modifications as my body was changing throughout the 9 months. I’ve now been continuing to train with Breathe after having my baby, and am already starting to feel like my fitness is rapidly improving after only a few weeks. The best part is that I can bring my baby to training with me, so I can still workout even if I can’t find childcare!”
— Shazma M.
Breathe Fitness on Whyte in YEG

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