Take your RINGETTE Game to the Next Level!

Looking to be faster, stronger, & a more powerful ringette player?

Adding off-ice conditioning will give you the extra edge over your competition! Strength training and conditioning shouldn't only be something to do during the off-season to keep fit and active. Both in-season and off-season strength training should be incorporated to:

make you a faster, more powerful skater

improve your shooting power

build core- and entire-body strength needed when battling for the ring

develop first-step quickness for explosive acceleration with change of direction

augment your speed, agility, and quickness (SAQ)


How does training in the gym improve your skating, your on-ice skills, and your ringette game overall?

Building physical literacy is the first step towards gaining strength and learning to move powerfully for your sport.  Becoming fluent with fundamental movement patterns, which transcend all sport is truly a journey, and progressing through the stages when you are physically- and mentally-prepared is an integral part of the process.  A seasoned coach can provide a global perspective of where an athlete is at on their journey, and build a comprehensive plan to safely move the athlete toward their goals, and dominance in their sport.  Only with deliberate practice of proper movement will physical mastery become a reality. 

Using the gym setting to build physical literacy and learning to move efficiently (and eventually powerfully) is an integral component of becoming an overall well-rounded athlete.  Skill acquisition and the development of precise movement patterns should be the first stage on the road of any athlete’s conditioning program.

As an example, the skill-set involved in change-of-direction skills are of paramount importance for all multi-directional sports.  The ability to change direction on the ice compared to a field or court sport, such as soccer or basketball, differs in how they are executed within the sport itself; however, the mechanisms by which your muscle groups and muscle fibres function to accelerate and decelerate your body are the same.    

Activating a particular muscle group - at the proper time, at the proper intensity, and for the proper duration - can be taught through a structured learning process.  Building the muscular strength and endurance in your core and the 'small' muscles that act as helpers (synergists) to your larger muscles (prime movers) will allow you to move more fluidly with a better economy of movement.  That is, you will learn to move more efficiently and waste less energy though imprecise technique, and, as a result, better harness your energies to perform at your optimal output and maintain peak performance for longer periods.

The focus in the following exercise resides in the athlete statically holding the skating stride pose (to build muscular endurance in the muscles of the core, hip, plant leg, and lower back) which provides stability while simultaneously transferring power to allow the moving leg to extend and be brought back in both explosively, and completely.

The focus in the following exercise resides in the athlete

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