SPort conditioning Classes


Are you preparing for an obstacle course race?

The upcoming season for your team sport?

Your next trail-running, road or group adventure race?

Or merely looking to push your fitness to new heights?

Sport Conditioning (or Functional Fitness) classes at Breathe Fitness on Whyte Ave are geared toward athletes participating in any endeavour.  Although each unique sport, race, or event has its own strength, skill, and energy system requirements, the basic movement patterns and mechanics governing how we propel our bodies through space and time are conserved across disciplines, and the manner in which these movement skills are taught is universal among athletes.

The factors in a fitness training program that do, and should, always change are the exercise variations each particular athlete should be performing based on their current skill level, the intensities and durations of the 'active' and 'rest' phases both within and between workout sessions, and the ability of your coach to 'see' where your strengths lie, showing you how to expose and how to conquer your areas-in-need-of-improvement, and to keep you motivated to strive for change over time.

Remember: Rome wasn't built in a day - so working hard over time is a necessity. The Titanic was also (supposedly) unsinkable - so acting and reacting to unforeseen circumstances means there will be 'homework' you will need to do on your own if you want to truly excel.  The good news: our coaches at Breathe Fitness will show you how to move properly so you have the know-how and confidence to steer your own ship!


"The ViPR is a phenomenal tool for training movement with strength." - Nicole Lark, ViPR Master Trainer & Breathe Fitness Coach

The length of time or number of bounds will be dependant on what you are trying to achieve. Focus on absorbing the landing by flexing the hip, knee, and ankle, landing low, keeping the spine neutral and chest up.

All sessions are held at Breathe Fitness on Whyte

Current classes: 

Wednesdays from 8-9 PM

[Starts Wednesday, August 17th, 2016]

$149 for 5 classes

Join anytime :: All skill levels welcome

Want to come in with a group of friends or teammates?

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