Want to get some great cardio results in only 20-40 minutes? A bunch of us just finished a stair climbing challenge with almost 120,000 cumulative stairs completed over a 4-week period! 

I found an easy-to-use app to invite friends and friends-to-be to support each other through fitness and lifestyle challenges.

Join me on MakeMe with Challenge Code: 79511. Get the app at http://join.make.me/79511

For 4 weeks I challenge you to run, walk, jump, or crawl up 2,000+ stairs, 3 times per week.

Start with 100 and build over time. Why? Why not?



Most of the participants happened to be in Edmonton, but there is no restriction to who can join - and where you can participate.

There were a few times where some of the participants randomly met in the Mill Creek Ravine or out on the Royal Glenora stairs to share the late Summer into early Fall days, but more often than not, we all went it alone to fit it into our busy life/work/family schedules

On Garret's first day out hitting the stairs (in the photo above), Dan and Lisa, and their dog Nala, and my daughter and I were all sweatin' it up on the "89er/Piggy Nose Comrie" stairs directly north of the Mill Creek Ravine Pool Upper Parking lot.

The actual 'rules' of the challenge are quite laissez-faire with each person setting their own parameters, which include:


frequency: 3 days per week

The number of 'workouts' you can fit in each week depends of your goals and your schedule. Three times was a reasonable, usually attainable benchmark for most of us.


Number of weeks: 4

Starting Saturday, October 8th, 2016


Number of stairs per session:

Start with as many as you feel comfortable and eventually build up to 2,000+ per workout. Each up-&-then-back-down of a 50-step staircase counts as 50 reps/stairs, not 100. To stave off the boredom of slugging out 1,000+ stairs in a single session, quite a few of us completed anywhere from a few to a few dozen lengths on a particular staircase before we walked, ran, or pedalled along a circuit of several different sets. After the much more strenuous exertion required to ascend some of the big fellas, the intermittent breaks between different staircases helps you to catch your breath and get your lungs and legs back on-line.


How to GET connected (& STAY motivated):

1. Join the challenge http://join.make.me/79511

2. Take a picture while exercising.

3. Post that picture when you log your workout on the MakeMe Mobile App.

4. Include the number of up-and-then-back-down sets you completed with steps (reps) and flights (sets) for each individual staircase you tackled along the way.

One of the best added features of the MakeMe App is how it makes you keep your fitness goals top-of-mind.

Even when you have planned in-advance to take a day off, and chosen not to perform your task, you are still expected to check-in and make your 'Move'.

So... instead of forgetting about your game-plan for a few days and accidentally failing to stay on-track, you get to give yourself a daily reminder - and a kick in the pants.