JOIN us for our 12 DAYS before CHRISTMAS workout!!! 

When starting a new exercise program, take some time to research you options.. and avoid shocking surprises.

Learn how to build sensible exercise and meal plans that fit your lifestyle.

Start in December and get into the groove before the New Year arrives.

Did you know that the 12 Days of Christmas start on December 25th and run to January 5th, 2017 this year?  Huh?!?!  Were you also under the impression that they were a celebration leading up to Christmas Day?  

Well, here is your chance to start celebrating 'early' with the free, on-line Breathe Fitness 12 Days Before Christmas workout!!!

Get started with your new fitness and lifestyle plan in December and build up some momentum to carry you through January.  Read Len's blog on how to safely start a fitness routine - and stay motivated, too.

Start making healthier meal planning choices, stay-injury-free and avoid making New Year's Resolutions that aren't realistic for your lifestyle.

Find out what's happening at our Whyte Ave studio & in-and-around the Breathe Fitness Community here in YEG, on-and-off Saskatchewan Drive, and in Mill Creek Ravine Park (our personal private playground) - and online, of course!

Latest studio news

Breathe Trainer selected as one of only 23 ViPR Global Ambassadors

Although Nicole has held the designation of ViPR Master Trainer for several years, an exciting new opportunity to further her professional collaboration with FitPro - the group that brings you the ViPR - has presented itself.

Nicole has been hand-selected to join an exclusive international fraternity of ViPR Global Ambassadors.  From the 1,000s of potential applicants that submitted their Youtube Video Applications, these Personal Trainers and all-around fitness enthusiasts will be helping to boost the ViPR brand.

Try Loaded Movement Training with the ViPR - and get motivated!

Watch for Nicole and her fellow ViPR Global Ambassadors on your social media streams.

Read Nicole's article in this month's YegFitness digital magazine

Have you been to the gym lately and noticed, sitting in the corner, one or multiple different-sized cylindrical tubes with handles, and wondered, 'What do you DO with that?!

The ViPR is a relatively new functional fitness tool developed to foster purposeful motion and to blend strength training with functional movement training.

Find out more about the ViPR and why so many fitness professionals are using it with their clients!




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6. Book in for a regular weekly session to stay accountable and keep motivated. Most 1-to-1 clients pre-purchase 10, hour-long sessions at a cost of $735+GST and book-in for sessions anywhere from once up to 3 times per week.  The cost for 10 partnered (2-to-1) sessions is $47 per person per hour-long session. Buy more sessions in advance; pay less per session, et vice versa. We accept VISA and MasterCard, but prefer Debit, e-transfer, and cheque.

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