Some of the many ways a personal trainer can help you build the fitness plan you need:

Motivation & Accountability

Learning Proper Technique

Meal planning for weight management

Eating properly for an active, athletic lifestyle

Starting at a reasonable pace, frequency, and volume to avoid injury or burn-out

Variety - weekly sessions to keep things fresh

Guidance to optimize the time & effort you put in to your fitness

training for an event, sport, running race, or obstacle course or adventure race

What can you expect as a personal training client at Breathe Fitness?

At Breathe we believe that every one is an athlete... that every 'body' needs to move properly and efficiently... and that you should only progress to a new challenge after mastering a particular skill or movement pattern.

No matter the reason you are looking for a personal trainer, nutrition and lifestyle coach, or a fitness professional that can travel alongside you on your fitness journey: Nicole and Len can help!!!

Step 1: Learn-to-exercise and fine-tune your technique

Step 2: Add new exercises as you get stronger, more skilled, and your old challenges have become past successes

Step 3: Stay engaged and on-track with a program you perform on your own or with a Breathe Trainer at your weekly session(s)

A typical circuit at Breathe Fitness working on full-body strength and muscular endurance with equipment that can be used anywhere, at any time.

The future of fitness is here!

Training at-home - on your own - is a viable reality in today's exercise landscape.  Gone are the days of bulky concrete-filled, rubber-coated plates and archaic sit-down, one-size fits all equipment only found at the gym. The fitness industry is steadily moving towards people of all skill levels training at-home with on-line programming options and lightweight, portable, exercise equipment where the versatility of a single item far exceeds its relative cost.

What are these new revolutionary fitness tools:

TRX suspension trainer:

ViPR loaded-to-unloaded movement tool:

[created by Edmontonian Michol Dalcourt]

Trigger Point tools:

Nicole Lark demonstrating thoracic spine mobility, range-of-motion movement & Len Panchuk releasing his latissimus dorsi with the Trigger Point GRID. @ Breathe Fitness on Whyte

BoSU brand products:

Starting in the most stable position and progressing to the least. Always stay square (toes, hips and shoulders face forward), keep the core braced, and chop from the shoulders (ie. the elbows are bent but should remain static in that one position).
Breathe Fitness on Whyte in YEG

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